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For over 30 years, Southland Coins & Collectibles has worked to provide the utmost in quality coins and collectibles to our clients. With client transactions totaling over $100,000,000, Southland Coins is known for its dedication to customer service and satisfaction. The success of Southland Coins has been built from long and fruitful relationships with our clients.

Located in Lake Charles, Louisiana, Southland Coins is home to an experienced staff committed to serving your precious metal or collector related needs.

Client Testimonials

Frank H. writes:

 I want to touch base and thank you again for the excellent purchase experience we had at your store. I'm always a little apprehensive the 1st time I deal with a company, but buying from you was great. I will be back.

 The Edings family writes:

Thank you so much for your warm welcoming atmosphere and generosity. We have never been at a place of business where the employees and owner treated my whole family with such respect and appreciation. The level of trust you gave us was unheard of and we want you to know we felt honored! Thank you for all you did. We will definitely be doing more business with you!

Julie in Illinois writes:

Thank you again so much for how you take care of us. You are a rare commodity indeed!

Jim C. writes:

I want to thank you for your kind consideration and professionalism Saturday afternoon at the Plano show. I really appreciate your willingness to take my personal check for the AGEs. As I told you, I thought I may have done some business with you in the past. When I returned home, I checked my files and found an old SCC card (so old that there was no Internet address) on which I had written that you were "a good and fair buyer of some of my CC dollars." I guess that is why you stood out to me on Saturday. Thank you for your service then and now. I hope we are able to do business again in the future.

Tim M. in New York writes:

I just wanted to say thanks. Over the last several years, I have purchased large quantities of coins from your company (gold and silver) and your company has always followed through on their promise to deliver on time and on a "good deal." It puts me at ease to deal with a company that I can trust with these types of transactions, especially in a business when other companies don't do the same. You are a family business and that's what is lost in today's world. Companies look only at the bottom line. You look at your customers.

How It All Began

Owner Malcolm Self realized a long-term dream when he moved into his own building on 4670 Lake Street a year ago. Malcolm recalls how his love of coins began:

“When I was five years old, my dad brought home a large bag of coins and dumped them on the kitchen table. I was mesmerized. Dad then pulled out several books with holes in which the coins would fit. He showed me how to read numbers and dates and asked me to help him fill in all the holes in the coin books. I was hooked. For the next ten years, I spent my entire allowance and job money buying coins. When I was 15, I set up a table at my first coin show; it was a huge rush. I knew then that I wanted to own my own coin business someday.  Buying and selling coins became more than a hobby. I paid for college doing what I loved. I graduated from Louisiana Tech University in Chemical Engineering. Working as an engineer would pay the bills while I learned the ropes to being a full-time coin dealer.”

Southland Coins and Collectibles opened in 1985 at a weekend flea market. After two years, Malcolm knew it was time to quit his job as an engineer and go for the gold, so to speak. He resigned on February 15, 1987, incorporated the business, and opened its doors at a strip center on May 1, 1987. The U.S. was in the middle of a recession, and keeping the business open proved to be a challenge. In addition, Malcolm had a wife and two children to support. Failure for Malcolm was not an option, and as he says, “I loved every minute of it.”

Despite the stagnating economy in the Lake Area, Southland Coins and Collectibles continued to grow, and Malcolm hired his first full-time employee. By 1999, however, the business seemed to stall. Malcolm’s nephew, Derek, who worked part-time at Southland Coins while attending McNeese State University, suggested that Malcolm try selling coins on the Internet. It took Derek several weeks to convince Malcolm, but once Derek proved that he could make a profit selling coins on the Internet, Malcolm was convinced.

By going on the World Wide Web, Southland Coins has become an international business. Since 1999 sales has increased an average of 22 percent a year. In 1999, 90 percent of Southland Coins’ customers came through the front door. By 2009, 90 percent of its customers span the globe.

Malcolm concludes by saying, “I had the help and support of great mentors. My wife Donna and my father Marvin are at the top of the list. My dad’s advice on business and the economy have been invaluable. With the help of God and my family, I will continue to be successful in life as well as in business. How sweet it is!”

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