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State of Louisiana Bonds - $75.00 each

    $500 Bond     $1,000 Bond
$500 LA Bond Front    $1,000 LA Bond Front 
$500 LA Bond Back    $1,000 LA Bond Back 

Above are two beautiful bonds that were issued by the State of Louisiana in 1892 to replace an earlier issuance of Consolidated Bonds. At the top corners of each bond page are two seated cherubs. Below the banner “State of Louisiana” is a picture of the "Old State Capitol" building in Baton Rouge. The bottom of the bonds feature a seated figure of Justice, with the scales in one hand and a sword in the other.

The $500 note is framed in an ornamental orange border, with the denomination at the center in orange ink. The $1,000 note is framed in an ornamental green border, with the denomination at the center in green ink. Both bonds are hand signed by Governor Murphy James Foster and the Secretary of State T. S. Adams. Each bond has several “PAID” punch cancellation stamps through them, indicating when the bonds were redeemed by the state.

The reverse of each bond has several geometric designs, along with an image representing the state seal, and indicating an interest payment of four percent in January and July each year until the principal due date of January 1, 1914. The size of each bond is approximately 10 1/2 inches wide x 15 inches high

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State of Louisiana Reconstruction Bond - $450.00

State of LA Reconstruction Bond

A beautiful $1,000 bond printed by the National Banknote Company and issued to the New Orleans, Mobile, and Chattanooga Rail Road Company or Bearer. Measuring approximately 16 3/4 inches wide by 26 inches long, the bond has an ornate brown border around it with vignettes of Agriculture and Commerce at the top.

At the bottom of the bond is a vignette of the state bird, a brown pelican, with her four nestlings, and the words "I live and die for those I love". The mother, with drops of blood on her breast, has wounded herself to feed her own blood to her young. The bond is signed by impeached Governor Henry Clay Warmoth and Secretary of State George E. Bovee. Below the bond were 79 coupons, in green and brown with the bond number 2188 in red, each paying semi-annual interest of $40 interest when redeemed. Six coupons had previously been clipped and redeemed.

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