c. 1778 Map of the Americas - L'Amerique




c. 1778 L'Amerique Map by Vaugondy - $295.00

A well engraved 18th Century map of the Americas, by Didier Robert de Vaugondy, son of the great French cartographer

Gilles Robert de Vaugondy, and a descendant of the 17th Century cartographer Nicholas Sanson. Vaugondy maps are

historically significant for their blend of scientific and intellectual ideas, then prevalent at the Royal Academy of Sciences in Paris.

Fine, clean condition on a sheet measuring approximately 16½” x 11¼”; image area measures approximately 8¾” x  9½”.



1847 Map of North America - Amérique Septentrionale



1847 Map of North America - $385.00


The 1847 map of North America, illustrated by Victor Levasseur, is from one of the last great decorative maps of the

19th Century, Atlas National Illustre. The United States extends into present-day Canada, well north of today's border.

The Mexican border is shown according to the Treaty of 1819; and Texas is shown as an independent republic, separate

from the rest of the United States.


On each side of the map are beautiful scenes of North and Central America, including a Mayan temple, native Americans

and traders, along with flora and fauna native to the area.


The population of the United States is listed as 19 million.




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